Cat trees crafted with passion and with cats’ needs in mind

It’s precisely to us that cats reveal their secrets. We listen to them attentively and have been designing and creating creative, tailored trees for their needs for a long time.

We know that our purring companions have different temperaments – some are social souls and mischief-makers, while others adore sweet laziness and playing hide and seek.

That’s why we create cat trees that are both a place for joyful antics, activity, and a nook for relaxation, regeneration, and eating.

Our cat trees are born out of consideration for our favorite feline activities. They are playgrounds for climbing, jumping, scratching, and “hunting” – for suspended toys. In such a place, your pet can be a hunter, a predator, or simply a mischief-maker.

Cat trees… and for their caregivers too

We also care for the owners of our purring companions. That’s why our cat trees are creative, easy to assemble, and do not require wall or floor mounting. With them, you’ll discover the joy of creating a space for your pet on your own. You can add more houses, shelves, and other elements to them – meaning endless fun for you. You’ll proudly showcase your cat tree. We prioritize modern design, so it will become a unique decoration, for example, in your living room.

Safety is our top priority. While playing on the cat tree, your cat is only threatened by a dose of positive energy, plenty of joy, and full relaxation.

A cat playground, resting place, and eating area all in one are the result of our many years of experience in producing pet beds. We’re confident that your pet will love the tree with a hammock, scratcher, and tempting mouse – from the first “jump in”.


Our cat trees are made from sturdy and environmentally friendly materials. We craft them from high-quality, durable birch plywood. Wooden components are finished with textiles, including those sourced from recycling.

Yes, we create structures that are friendly and entirely safe for cats.

In our offer, you will find cat trees made exclusively from sturdy, pet-friendly, and environmentally friendly materials. Choose the design based on how many cats you are caring for (larger constructions will be suitable for a greater number of pets). What is your cat’s temperament like? If it loves jumping and climbing on furniture, consider a tree with multiple shelves, whereas if it’s calm, enjoys lounging, and often takes naps, opt for a design with houses and a sofa. How big is your cat? It should be able to comfortably climb onto the tree and rest on it.

No, we create stable structures that do not require mounting to the wall or floor. Once assembled, the components are ready for play.

The pet should have the best possible access to the structure – from every side. Therefore, place the cat tree away from furniture and walls.

Yes. In case of any issues with the structure, you can contact us.

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