Discover our
Hoppa cat trees

Tailored to the cat’s needs

Choose a tree tailored to your cat’s individual needs.

Create to your heart’s content

And you can become a designer and create your own version of a cat tree.

Be eco-friendly

Provide your purring friend with activity and sleep in harmony with nature.

Build and have a fun

Hoppa is the joy of creation for you and a constantly new dose of fun for your cat.

The possibility of exchanging individual elements

You can easily exchange each element of the tree.

Modern design

Hoppa’s wooden trees are an original and stylish element of your interior decor.

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Domek szczytowy from 339.00 
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Kolumna 90.00 
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Hamak from 190.40 
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Klin 2.70 
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Półka wsuwana z matą from 118.50 
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Drapak 130.50 
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Kolumna 90.00 
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Zabawka Mysz 62.00 
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Półka wsuwana 63.00 
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Podstawa 55 x 55 245.00 

Discover HOPPA

It’s the cats who reveal their secrets to us. We listen to them attentively, and for quite some time now, we’ve been designing and creating creative, tailored trees to meet the needs of our furry friends.

The Hoppa cat tree, which will replace dozens of toys for your purring companion.

Give your pet their own kingdom. Discover our designs crafted with both feline needs and caregivers in mind. Choose from small cat trees or grand scratchers. Large, with toys and houses, or simple, yet providing the same amount of joy to your pets.

A cat tree-scratcher with a bed is a place where your purring favorite can:

  • frolic to its heart’s content – scratch with its claws, jump on the shelves and climb them, and hunt for toys. Whether small or large, a cat scratcher will become your pet’s favorite play spot!
  • After playtime, relax in the house and be tempted to take a nap on the hammock or soft couch.
  • Regenerate and nourish themselves by eating food from bowls placed on a special shelf at a convenient height for them.

A cat tree can come in various designs: tall, shorter, elaborate, or simple – you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for with us. Treat your pet to one and expect their joyful purring.

Remember, a large and tall cat scratcher is essential for bigger pets. However, even small kittens will happily frolic on it! How to choose the perfect cat tree? Price shouldn’t be the only criterion. The designs we offer have been expertly crafted by specialists in feline needs. They provide entertainment, movement opportunities, instinct satisfaction, while also allowing purring pets to relax carefree.

We know how to make a cat scratcher – modern, stylish, and fulfilling the dreams of cat lovers.

When creating cat trees, we also thought about their caregivers. They are easy to maintain cleanliness and stand out with modern design. Additionally, they allow you to enjoy creating a cat space. You decide at what height to mount the shelf, hammock, or house. You can transform such a structure at any time and add more elements to it – like toys and a cat sofa. So, by choosing our product, you gain not only an exclusive cat scratcher but also a gadget for yourself, with which you can have endless fun.

Your pet surely dreams of being gifted a cat tree-scratcher. How to surprise them and make it even more enjoyable?

Choose one of our environmentally friendly constructions, pair it with toys or additional jumping shelves, and create a cat kingdom yourself. Invest not only in a functional but also in an affordable cat scratcher for a large or small feline – with an excellent quality-to-price ratio. You’ll meet your pet’s needs, gain a unique interior decoration, and a gadget you’ll enjoy building. Our cat scratcher – tall, shorter with a house or without – will perfectly complement the room’s decor and never bore your favorite.